3 Plant-Based Proteins to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be the leading cause of a bundle of health problems such as dizziness, and shortness of breath, and can even lead to heart disease. One of the best ways to combat high blood pressure is to ensure you are getting enough protein. Here are three plant-based proteins to help you do just that.


1) Ritual Daily Shake 18+

This plant-based protein contains 20g of protein per 30g serving, as well as being blended with choline to help support brain health and improve nutritional balance in the body.


2) Ritual Daily Shake 50+

This plant-based protein shake is high in protein and calcium, which is vital for healthy bone structure and muscle mass. Adults over 50 tend to suffer from progressive muscle mass over time. This is a great way to combat that and lower your blood pressure at the same time.


3) Ritual Daily Shake During Pregnancy And Postpartum

Pregnant, and postpartum, new mothers are at greater risk regarding their blood pressure. Luckily, this daily shake is full of choline which helps with lactation and their increased nutritional needs.